The Secret to Revolutionizing Your Summer

Live Workshop: Thursday, June 15, 9AM EST

Bust June gloom. Get summer started right–even with the kids shouting around you, with the lack of sleep from baby waking you all night, and with all the crap that’s piling up everywhere else in your life.

The Live Chat begins:








During this 30-minute (ish) workshop, we’ll start with a guided meditation that will help you get clarity about the lighthearted, freewheeling, meaningful and fulfilling things that will launch your summer on the right foot.

After the workshop, join a FREE challenge that’ll motivate you to take the steps to revolutionize your summer.

Hey there!

I’m Gaby. I’m an artist-turned-writer-turned-mom-turned-life-coach-turned-hula-hooper who has been working with moms for 7 years, helping them to have more fun and live more fulfilled lives.



I will give you the tough love that you’re afraid to ask for. But I’ll also sprinkle you with a little fairy dust.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’re terrified for summer to start {24/7 with the kid(s), no sleep, and no sanity}
  • You always wonder where summer went {and it’s not because time flies when you’re having fun}
  • You’re ready to stop the chaos and start loving life {right?}

Imagine a summer filled with relaxing beach days, connecting with family and friends, actually enjoying your children and really loving life.