VSC Week 10

Week 10 Overview:

This week, we are going to stop the madness! We are going to focus on NOT being productive. In fact, everything you think about all the shit that you need to get done blocks your fun. Even if you find productivity challenging, motivating and inspiring, you often use it as a crutch to prevent you from feeling emotion, doing what you’re really passionate about, and connecting with yourself and your family.

So this week, I want you to go back to your space. (Have you noticed that we’ve done that a few times in this challenge?). One of the reasons is that you need to know where to start again when you’re feeling like you’re drowning and completely out of space. That’s where you go. You go back to the beginning of this whole e-course. The second reason to go back to your space is to get comfortable with space.

Did you know that humans are inherently uncomfortable with space? We watch TV at night instead of spending time in our heads. We speak if someone leaves an uncomfortable silence in a conversation. We run around doing things from our to-do list instead of just relaxing and doing nothing, or taking a shower, or reading a book.

So this week, your mantra will be “I have found my space.” Say it out loud now, and then read on for your homework.



The Obstacle Course activity will get you to carve out a small space in your physical area where you can go to take a breath. It’s the beginning of focusing on the space you DO have instead of the space you DON’T have. Check it out.

Feel free to share any revelations, insights, or even the answers to the journal prompts or photos of the activity in the Virtual Summer Camp Members Facebook Group.

Daily Tips/Affirmations/Questions

These will be posted in the Facebook group.

Journal Prompts

The journal page this week is a blank, white page. Find one. This represents your space. Use it however you want this week. Doodle, write a letter to an old friend, or jot down a few words. Just write SOMETHING on it every day when you’re done sitting in your space.

Weekly Activities

Every day, you will sit in your space for 10 minutes. Don’t turn on the TV, and by all means, PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE. Here is what you are allowed to do in your space:

  • Look at your vision board.
  • Daydream.
  • Do a guided meditation.
  • Toward the end of the 10 minutes, write SOMETHING on your blank sheet of paper.

That’s it! You are going to feel unproductive. It may even feel silly, or like something that isn’t really your style. It might even feel uncomfortable.

If it does, that means that you’re making changes. That is GOOD. If you resist it, that means you need it. That is GOOD. If it feels really good and comfortable, that means that you’ve gotten somewhere different this summer, and you’ve already been consistent with creating space in your life. That is GOOD.