VSC Week3

Week 3 Overview:

This week, we’re redefining fun. Because we often get stuck thinking that we’re not “fun” or we’re not having “fun” because we have forgotten to define it. We may think that fun is something that happens in magazines, where a family is all happily smiling and peaceful on the beach. Or fun can only happen on vacation. Or fun has to be big. Or fun has to be planned.

The Journal Page is the most important thing to do this week. It will get you to hone in on your vision board and define some fun activities that you can do every day (and that still resonate with your vision). Because sometimes even looking at our vision board can be overwhelming.

The Obstacle Course activity will get you more comfortable in your space (and having FUN in your space).

Feel free to share any revelations, insights, or even the answers to the journal prompts or photos of the activity in the Virtual Summer Camp Members Facebook Group.

Daily Tips/Affirmations/Questions

Monday, June 12: ***Don’t lower your expectations. Just shift them.*** When you became a mom, you didn’t lower your expectations. Your expectations just shifted. We tend to resist the shift. So we keep plugging away doing something that’s not working. Where could you shift your expectations in your day?

Journal Prompts

Take out your vision board, and print out the journal page for the week. It’s called Do-Feel-Do. (If you can’t print it, create 3 columns on a sheet of paper, and label them “Do, Feel, Do.”

Click here to print this week’s journal page

Tip:Use a different color for each photo on your vision board.

  • Under the first “Do” label, write down what you are doing in the first image in your vision board.
  • Under the “Feel” label, write down how doing that thing will make you feel.
  • Under the 2nd “Do” label {baby steps}, write down what other tasks/activities/actions/things can make you feel those same emotions this summer. They don’t have to be linked with the image on the vision board.

Watch the video below to learn how to complete this worksheet.

Weekly Activities

Have some fun in your space:

  • How many things from the 2nd “Do” label on the journal sheet can be done in your space?
  • Challenge yourself to do one of those things in your space for 5 minutes a day.