VSC Week 8

Week 8 Overview:

We have worked on saying YES for the past 2 weeks. We’ve said yes to our families, our children and ourselves. Now, we have one more piece to add to the YES puzzle.

Saying YES should have already opened your heart a little bit. Saying YES can get rid of the clogs in your life and the cranky attitude that you harbor when you are feeling closed and negative.

But we’re moms. Sometimes, we still feel cranky. The chaos around us (or inside us) can make us feel like everything is a NO. We can still have trouble accessing love and the YES because our lives just feel crowded. Or insane. Or irritating. Or too full of to-dos and not full enough of fun YESs.

So this week, we’re going to work on our heart chakras. That’s right–we’re getting a little woo-woo here. In those moments where you feel crowded, insane, irritated, and cranky, or just feel like saying no, your heart gets squeezed. Your chest is tight. You forget to breathe.You are closing off this area of your energy.

These are the moments when you want to vent about hating your kids or hating your husband. This week, when you have that feeling, focus on opening your heart instead.

Feel free to share any revelations, insights, or even the answers to the journal prompts or photos of the activity in the Virtual Summer Camp Members Facebook Group.

Daily Tips/Affirmations/Questions

Head to the Facebook Group for daily tips and affirmations.

Journal Prompts

Doing all of this amazing work for yourself will stick better when you practice awareness. This week, keep a record of the things that are making your heart feel closed.

Click here to download the journal page where you can record this.

Weekly Activities

Do the 5-Minute Quick Break Meditation to practice opening your heart. The more you do it, the easier this chakra will be to open when it’s feeling constricted.

Click here to access the meditation on YouTube.