What if you could look back on this summer as the best you've ever had?

{Even if you're barely surviving in your daily routine as it is}

~~~~~Reclaim your love of summer~~~~~


  • spending big bucks on a vacation
  • overwhelming yourself with overscheduling, or
  • yelling at your kids for 3 months before they go back to school

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Fun is not what you wait for and reward yourself with for having a successful day as a mother.

Fun IS the way to have a successful day as a mother.

>>> People who have more fun sleep better, cope with stress better, and are more productive, motivated, flexible and creative.<<<

You try to make summer fun. Camps, beach visits, playdates, the park… All of this only makes you more overwhelmed.

Why should your kid have all the fun?

If you don’t focus on your own fun starting NOW, you’ll end up ripping your hair out while day drinking far too often, yelling at your children, and looking back at the season as another check on the list of disappointingly crappy summers since you became a mom.

Is that what you want your summer memories to look like?

Are you a victim of “Fake Fun?”

>> Spending lots of time and effort planning a vacation that only lasts a week {and requires a vacation just to plan and a vacation to get over.} <<<

>> Overscheduling playdates that make everyone exhausted, brain dead and sunburned by the end of each day {at least your kids are sleeping through the night though, right?}<<<

>> Buying a bunch of self-help books that inspire you {but stay in the bottom of your beach bag collecting sand while you stay stressed out.} <<<

>>> Going on a girls’ weekend {that leaves you wanting to never come home and makes you more resentful of your kids when you realize you have to return.}<<<

Focusing on these things that seem fun but don’t actually fulfill you can do more harm than good.

This is me.

I used to try to read all the blogs, do all the crafts, go to all the playdates, enroll my kids in enriching activities…All in a effort to be more fun.

It didn’t make me more fun. It didn’t make me a better mom. Instead, it was making me disappear.

As a Lamaze instructor and life coach, I’ve been supporting by women who find themselves disappearing in motherhood since 2009.

The biggest compliment that I get from the moms I support is, “Your honesty, approachability, and ability to help me take action helped me make my life less heavy, more lighthearted and more fulfilling.”

This motherhood thing is hard. And what sucks even more is that you’re not having any fun doing it. You’re afraid that you don’t even know what fun is anymore. There. I said it.

I’m pretty fantastic at being the kick in the butt you need to take action instead of just dreaming about having fun.

My straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is words have appeared in:

Imagine looking back on your summer this September.

>> You smile as you remember your children’s laughter. <<<

>> You feel more connected to your family and community of friends than ever. <<<

>> You’re satisfied with how productive you were. <<<

>> You have memories of relaxing in the hammock, getting time to yourself, and doing all of those leisurely things that you thought you didn’t have time for. <<<

>> You’re actually a little sad to send the kids off to school and see summer come to an end. <<<

>> You’re excited for next summer. It’s going to be even better! <<<

Make this your dream summer.

Join The MYP Virtual Summer Camp.

3 months of virtual summer camp {in your PJs!}.

It’s all online through the simple Make Your Perfect membership site, with a support group on Facebook.

{You can do this in your bathing suit in the backyard with an iced coffee while watching the kids frolic in the sprinkler.}

The Format: 3 months, 3 “sessions”

Session 1: Orientation

In June, you’ll get a map of summer camp, “meet” your bunkmates (online, in the support group), redefine what fun is, create a vision of your ideal fun, watch videos, get to know each other and dig deeper into this “fun” thing.

You’ll learn what fun is for you and where it can be found.

Session 2: Making Friends With Fun

Discover where you’re blocking fun and where you’re having it. Learn how to automate fun tasks as well as chores so that they both become as routine as brushing your teeth, no matter how busy you are. Get over the guilt that comes from feeling like you’re not doing enough for your kids, our partner or yourself.

Session 3: Color Wars

You’ll put what you’ve been practicing to the test. Get action-oriented steps for thinking outside the box and actually doing the fun things. Take the feeling of summer camp with you after summer’s over so you can handle anything life throws at you. Look back on the summer with fond memories instead of memories filled with chaos and anger.

The Schedule: Do a “camp” task for 10 minutes a day


=> You’ll get a super-quick tip, affirmation or question to ponder.

=> Coaching & support in the FB group all day long.


=> 1 Video with the week’s theme, plan and inspiration

=> 1-2 New activities

=> 1-2 Journal prompts


=> We’ll have a live coaching chat every month, where we’ll get together in the private FB group, share confessions and secrets, and do a craft together! Yep, seriously. {Friendship bracelets are in month 1–materials will be mailed to you.}

What else do you get?

  • Member website to access resources – Go online with a purpose instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media.
  • Coloring sheets that double as journal pages to help you find your fun – Instantly transform your mindset and get more creative without even thinking about it.
  • A private FB support group: it’s like your own summer camp bunk! – Build connections that feed your inner woman instead of sucking your energy with faux fun.
  • Monthly live calls to talk about real-life challenges and successes – Tap into the giddy feeling you had at childhood sleepovers–happiness, lightheartedness and fulfillment. Only this time you find it within yourself so that the external circumstances of your busy life no longer make you feel like you’re drowning.
  • Surprises along the way to make camp even more fun – guided meditations, cocktail recipes, reading lists, contests and challenges. Plus, a talent show to kick things off! {I’m not even kidding. This is CAMP, ladies. We’re making it fun!}

This is what your summer could look like after you join the MYP Virtual Summer Camp:

>>> You wake up every morning excited about the day. This mindset-shifting stuff is really working! <<<

>>> You watch a video over coffee–it’s like connecting with a BFF every morning. <<<

>>> You do some mindset work on a fun coloring page/worksheet as your kids color in their own coloring books. <<<

>>> You quickly hop online to share your amazing insights with the group, then hop off to get to your fulfilling day. <<<

>>> You have a clear vision of what you want to do every day – you find time for yourself so that you feel balanced and whole.<<<

>>> You actually do the things you want to do instead of just dreaming about them and resenting the fact that you can’t do them. <<<

>>> Your life is filled with a balance of doing things you want to do and managing successfully the things you have to do. <<<

>>> You find time to focus on fun, even as a busy mom. <<<

You can be part of this for only $49/month!

{That’s even cheaper than your kiddo’s summer camp.}

For $49/month, you’ll get to be part of all the sessions described above, access to the membership site and videos, entry into the exclusive support group, and all the printable resources that go along with the course.

Plus, you’ll get 2 FREE bonuses:

  1. A FREE printable copy of Make Your Perfect: A Coloring Journal {which is available on Amazon for $12.99}
  2. Excerpts from my romance novel for moms {Yep, that’s right… because you need something FUN on your summer reading list}

2 Ways To Pay:



Pay in Full:

$97/3 months when you pay in full now. {That’s $50 off the regular monthly price!!}

WTF? Is this for real?

{Frequently Asked Questions}

=> What if I literally have NO time to myself during the day?

That’s ok. This program is designed for moms by a busy mom–I know what it’s like to try to fit more things into your already crowded day, and to do it while you’re feeding little ones, dealing with tantrums and changing diapers.

=> I don’t have time to take a course or class.

Everything you do during this summer camp can be done in less than 10 minutes a day.

=> I am drowning just trying to keep my kids alive. I can’t even bring myself to take time to go to the bathroom or make myself food. How will I have time to do this course?

The orientation session is all about making space in your life. Everyone has it; most of us are just so entrenched in the stress and overwhelm that we have no idea how to access it. The Virtual Summer Camp will teach you how to access this.

=> Having more fun this summer just sounds like something else to put on my to-do list.

That’s one of the perspectives that keeps you from having fun. In Virtual Summer Camp, you’ll learn how to find fun within the life you already have–not put big commitments or more tasks on your already full calendar.

=> I don’t have a printer. How can I print all of the fun resources that you include in the program?

You have 3 options:

  1. Go to Kinko’s and print it out.
  2. Simply use a journal, notebook paper, or whatever instead of the journal sheets I provide you.
  3. Email me. I will print it out and send it to you myself. Seriously. I don’t want you to miss out on this!!

=> Having fun all the time sounds unrealistic. I don’t think it’s possible to run around with a smile on myself all the time.

Remember when you were a teenager and you broke up with a boyfriend? You would spend hours in your room listening to sad mix tapes and crying. Fun isn’t necessarily about smiles and laughter. Fun isn’t necessarily about playing with your kids. Fun isn’t what you might think it is. Fun is about feeling fulfilled and truly living.

Struggles can revitalize you. Solving problems can be fun. Living involves lots of emotions, not just joy. Feeling all of those emotions can be fun in its own way.

The Virtual Summer Camp will help you be ok with all of the emotions that come with motherhood.

=> Life is just a struggle right now. I can’t imagine that trying to have fun is going to be possible.

Believe it or not, there are moms out there who do have fun even with their kids at home all day, who work full-time, who were at a point once where fun just wasn’t possible. Imagine if all of us mothers were walking around miserable all of the time. Every single one of us? No way. The world wouldn’t survive.

It is possible to have fun as a mother. And it’s not just the moms whose kids are out of the house or who have money for a nanny and a personal chef or who don’t have any other problems or to-dos in their lives who find this fun. It’s possible for ALL OF US.

Life is a series of struggles. Without them, it would be boring. We work to help you pay attention to the meaningful struggles and overcome them so that you feel consistently successful and fulfilled and don’t spend time spinning your wheels on the struggles that aren’t really important anyway.

=> I can’t afford to spend money on myself right now.

I get it. I just spent $1,350 fixing a car I bought in December. I understand being tapped out financially.

But ask yourself this: Can you afford NOT to do this for yourself right now? Can you afford to muddle through another summer feeling overwhelmed, heavy-hearted and kind of hating yourself and your kids?

=> Can I do this if I’m a working mom, or is it just for stay-at-home moms?

This program is designed for ALL moms. You know how busy you are, whether you work or not. You need space. In your brain and in your life. Everything we do can be done in 10 minutes a day, so it’s ideal for a working mom.

Have more questions? Chat live with me. Just click the Let’s Talk button below.

Don’t just take my word for it–See what other moms have had to say:

It’s so easy to get caught up in life, one activity to the next, that at the end of the day you just kind of shut down, or off…but it was beneficial to me to take an intentional positive moment each day. Trying to identify “fun” just made me a little more cognizant of smaller moments.


Gaby Merediz and her bare bones, real as *&^%, honest and encouraging Make Your Perfect and Powerhouse programs that are showing me how to make time for myself which is crucial for every mom and not feel guilty about it.


I felt a little more positive, having “fun” was on my radar, and I even asked myself many times (in my head) “is this fun?” & I was surprised that I answered yes as much as I did.

I felt lighter, less blah, more motivated to notice when I was even having fun & appreciate it, let it sink in. Go figure, I can enjoy this beautiful chaotic chapter in life.


I found fun in the normal course of things rather than adding it as a task to my list or feelingthe need to search it out, so it felt–well–easy.


You could do something else this summer.

You could focus on self-care {Which could make you smell better and your hair look nice.}

You could listen to a lot of self-development podcasts {Which can be inspiring, but don’t give you steps and accountability to take action.}

You could read a lot of inspirational blogs {Which only leave you feeling like you spent your whole day online and didn’t actually accomplish anything.}

You could fill up your summer with lots of playdates and activities {Which often are “fake fun” and will leave you needing another summer vacation in September}

You could do the same thing you did last summer {You’re here, so how far did that get you?}

You say that you would do anything to stop drowning in motherhood.

>>>> Don’t do just anything. Do THIS. <<<<

Be part of the MYP Virtual Summer Camp and have the best summer ever.

2 Ways To Pay:



Pay in Full:

$97/3 months when you pay in full now. {That’s $50 off the regular monthly price!!}

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